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Displayed below is a list of change logs, which will be periodically updated. If you encounter any problems with the software or you have suggestions for a change, feel free to post them on Trello (please provide as much details as possible).

Mobile (Android) app can be downloaded from google drive, by clicking here. Latest version number is v1.0.17.

Change log applied at: 05/24/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • [General] Created Ticketing system through Jira software. Users are now able to report bugs and request new features through simple button at the bottom left corner of the screen. While creating ticket, screenshot is created of the current page of the user. Also, user has an option of adding additional document as a reference to help better understand the tickets assignment. All reported tickets can be seen by user on Tickets page, located on the top right corner (next to alerts).
  • [General] Records in excel tables no longer contain tags.
  • [General] Sorting by date in tables has been corrected.
  • [Payroll] Email subject sent to the driver has been changed from "AmCan Attachment" to "Driver Settlement + Current Date".
  • [SCI] Removed SCI report from menu.
  • [Dispatch by load] Changed colors of rows with status Settled and Billed.
  • [Payroll] Payroll report was expanded with information about the company.
  • [Billing] The LoadId column in report contains links to the Loads themselves.
  • [Billing] Added new column with indicator in report. The indicator is red when there is an "Accounting note".
  • [Driver] Added field "Personal Email" in driver profile. Changed field "Surname" in "Last Name". Removed field Trainings and removed fields from additional information section: Drug test competed; Background check; SCI completed; Is beginner; Has application; Random drug test; Fuel card assigned. Added new column License Expiration Date in driver table.
  • [Trucks] Changed name "Truck" into "Trucks" in menu. Changed column name and field in profile "VIN number" in "VIN", the same thing was done with "GPS Serial number" in "GPS", "ETC Serial number" in "Transponder", "Manufacturer" in "Make", "Lease Comp Truck Number" in "Lease Comp Number". Removed column "License plate expiration date" and added column "Year" in table.
  • [Trucks] Trucks are sorted by status. Removed checkbox field "GPS" from truck profile. In truck profile lift gate fields only appear if the truck type is a box. Added folder "Form 2290" in truck files manager.
  • [Dispatch by driver] Added column "Driver payments".
  • [Driver, Payroll] Added new checkbox field "EarlyPaycheck" in driver profile. Added same checkbox field in Filter in Payroll.
  • [Divisions] Added field "IFTA License Expiration Date" and "IFTA License" folder in division files manager.
Change log applied at: 04/01/2022 + 03/16/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • [General] Implemented HTML to PDF conversion library.
    This means that we can now implement some invoice generation and similar functionalities.
    We've already started implementing this feature on Payroll and Billing reports.
  • [Maintenance] Images are now kept when editing maintenances
  • [Maintenance] User is now kept when editing maintenances
  • [Fueling] Records are not turning inactive anymore when editing
  • [Payroll] Data is no longer showing as null and is loaded properly on Driver Settlements.
  • [Maintenance] Enabled all image types when adding/editing Maintenances
  • [Maintenance] Issue Type renamed to Maintenance Type
  • [Maintenance] Expanded select for type in maintenances
  • [Fueling] Bill renamed to Cost
  • [Fueling] All drivers are retrieved now instead of just active ones
  • [General] Added export to Excel on all tables
  • [Maintenance] Removed Load from Maintenance
  • [Maintenance] Removed Status History from Maintenance
  • [Maintenance] Maintenance can now be edited
  • [Maintenance] Added Date & Time field on Maintenance add/edit modal
  • [Maintenance] Added preview for PDF photos on Maintenance
  • [Fueling] Added filters
  • [Driver] Added Truck Type option on the Edit/Update Driver page
  • [Payroll] Added option to Print out the payroll
  • [Payroll] Added option to Send the printed version of the Payroll to the Driver
  • [Billing] Added printing an invoice of a Billing report. Printing the invoice changes the Load into status BILLED.
  • [Driver Deductions] Added customizable Deduction Pauses to Driver Deductions
  • [Driver Deductions] Column "Paused" now shows the current status of a deduction
  • [Dispatch & Load] All PODs (Dispatch and Driver PODs) are displayed in a modal when opening them.
  • [Load] Added Date From and Date To filter for optimization. The table is immediately loaded with the current week selected (same as on Dispatch)
  • [Load] Added field Driver Note.
Change log applied at: 03/04/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • On Maintenance creation dialog, trailers dropdown field now displays trailers (it was displaying trucks).
  • Replaced Petrol with DEF, for fuel type field.
  • Added Truck to Fueling, instead of Load.
Change log applied at: 02/27/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Fixed bug when settling driver payments. It was required to save it two times for load status to change.
  • Fixed bug when searching settlements and user has deductions.
  • Merged fields that were created witn Maintenance entity into Issues. Isseus are now renamed to Maintenance.
  • Applied many changes to Payroll report (task in Trello).
  • New version of Android app is added (link above, v1.0.17).
  • Expanded deductions with new field "Paused". It allows for deduction to be paused in order for it to not be shown in reports, so users don't have negative total balance when they don't work that week.
Change log applied at: 02/15/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Adjusted data that is shown when choosing trucks from dropdown control, on Toll fee page.
  • Adjusted column and field name for Toll fees. Old was Country, new is State.
  • Fixed date picker on load driver payments.
  • Fixed deduction amount that was added to payroll/sci total amount. Now it is deducted.
  • Expanded maintenance with field for Trailer.
  • Expanded maintenance with field for Miles.
  • Truck is now not a required field on maintenance.
  • Cost is now not a required field on maintenance.
  • Adjusted trucks dropdown on maintenance, to show botch active and inactive trucks.
  • Added $ sign in cost column on maintenance table.
Change log applied at: 02/07/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Adjusted formula for SCI report, reversed amounts for SEMI and BOX drivers and WorkersCompensation is added to ones that have less than 800$
  • Adjusted date query filter for driver deductions on payroll, settlement and SCI reports
  • Adjusted date format according to selected language in all tables
  • Added AgreedRate and DriversPaymentsAmount range filter to Dispatch table
  • Added AgreedRate column to Dispatch table
  • Expanded Payroll report details with new data in Payment section. Driver payments now have columns: PO/Load No, Load start date, Payment item, Payment type, Payment date, Quantity, Rate, Amount, Description
  • Expanded Payroll report details with new table/section that displays all Operations that driver did during the selected period.
Change log applied at: 02/04/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Adjusted formula for SCI report. It now adds Worksers compensation when drivers payable amount is below 800$ and also Worksers compensation amount is based on driver type BOX (52$) or SEMI (41$).
  • Adjusted driver filter on SCI report so that drivers filed is not required to get the results.
  • Created new page with table for Toll Fees. It is located in Finances->Toll fees
  • Created new page with table for Truck Maintenance. It is located in DataEntry->Transportation->Truck maintenance
Change log applied at: 01/31/2022 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Allowed gathering of all drivers for filters on Dispatch and Reports pages/tables.
  • Adjusted date range filters on reports to include end of last day (whole last day was not inside range).
  • Added option of showing active and inactive (terminated/deleted) instances for filters (filter components like division, driver, truck, etc.) on Dispatch and Reports pages. Previously only active entities were shown, so there was a confusion of why not all data is showing.
  • Added Agreed Rate field in new column of Loads table (DataEntry->Transportation-Loads).
  • Added filtering option for table on Driver Bonus page. Filters include: Start date, end date, driver.
  • Added filtering option for table on Driver Bonus page. Filters include: Start date, end date, driver.
  • Added filtering option for table on Loads page. Filters include: Agreed rate range (start/end), driver payment amount range (start/end).
  • Separated Note field from Load data into two: DispatchNote and AccountingNote.
  • Number field, of truck and trailer, is now alphanumeric so now letters can be entered. Before it was only numeric type field.
  • Added PaymentDate field to Driver Payments on Load. This field is now used to determine for which date/week is that payment, in order for reports to show correct data for edge cases like this when load lasts through two weeks or there is a change in payment plan for that driver.
  • Added notification if someone changes Driver Payments, so they don't miss any changes that are relevant. Who receives this notification can be configured in settings.
  • Allowed that Admin can change Settle status of Driver Payment.
  • Changed how Driver Deduction formula is used. Now entered amount does not represent the total/sum, but a specific amount that will be deducted each time.
  • Adjusted all tables in application so that they have horizontal scroll if screen size is not big enough. This is added to ease the use, as it does not require colappsing and opening rows, but horizontal scroll that is easier to do with mouse and users are used to it on Dispatch screen.
  • Added check/restriction so that load cannot be marked as Settled, if all of the payments are not marked as settled.
  • Added new page, Dispatch by Driver, which shows loads that are grouped by each driver, not the other way around as on regular Dispatch.
  • Added new page, Profit Reports, which show graphical data for finances. It includes: Profit by division, profit by customer, profit by truck, milage by truck. Results can be filtered by date range. It is located in menu Reports->Profit.
Change log applied at: 10/17/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Fixed saving chosen driver on driver payments (problem where it saw removed when multiple payments were added)
  • Fixed updating dropdown for choosing drivers when changing operations
  • Fixed filters on Payroll report (table)
  • Fixed status change of load to Delivered when there are no Driver Payments and status vas Settled (when you remove all settled payments from load)
  • Changed all activate/deactivate buttons to delete/restore, to prevent confusion regarding its functionality
  • Set default filter for status on Billing report
  • Added status OTHER for driver bonuses and deductions
  • Added status Canceled by Driver and TONU for loads
  • Added delete/restore options for Insurances
  • Added delete/restore options for Drivers Leave
  • Added delete/restore options for Fueling & Fuel Tax
Change log applied at: 09/27/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Fixed saving changes of load data (tabs).
  • Fixed control of access to Alerts page if user is not logged in.
Change log applied at: 09/20/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Reverted back the option of showing only drivers and trucks that belong to chosen division. Now all drivers and trucks are shown for choosing on load operations.
  • Added check if new role has the same name as any existing role. In case it has, message is shown.
  • Added feedback label to indicate that role name is required field, when adding new role in dialog.
  • Fixed saving of role settings.
Change log applied at: 09/10/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Fixed dropdown control on drivers profile, it now shows correct selected values.
Change log applied at: 09/03/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Generated new files bundle that solves problem of dropdown component not being shown.
  • Fixed auto refresh of truck and driver dropdown selects, when division is changed on Load general data.
  • New version of Android Mobile app. Adjusted code to new Web app changes and expanded drivers settlement report with violations. Also fixed problem when logging out that use could go back to previous screen even when logged out.
    It can be downloaded by clicking on link in page header (Google Drive link). Current version number is v1.0.16.
Change log applied at: 08/31/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Added new column on Drivers table (DataEntry->Transportation->Drivers), that indicates whether driver has debt or not. If it has debt, column is orange colored and contains 'Has debt' text.
  • Created new version of dropdown control, that is used for drivers, trucks, divisions, etc. It allows for better control and extending of further required functionalities (as ones listed in next items below).
  • Implemented option to refresh dropdown controls items from another event like other dropdown selection event. Main implementation for this is on Load basic info tab, when you change driving division, on oprations tab you can only choose trucks and drivers that belong to choosen division.
  • Implemented initial version of remembering/caching table filters inside one tabs session. Example scenario: You're on Dispatch page, select some filters for table and apply them, results are shown. After that you go on home page or any other page (ie. edit load from details). When you click back on browsers control panel, you'll be returned to Dispatch page and all the filters you entered will be preserved and auto applied.
  • Division is exapanded with new fields: SCI Number, WC (Workers compensation)
  • Driver is exapanded with new fields: ICID (Indenpendent contractor ID), IC Number (Indenpendent contractor number)
  • Created SCI Report based on given instructions. New fields from above items are used for this report. 800$ is hardcoded value as a limit for workers compensation. Report can be found at Finance->SCI.
Change log applied at: 08/18/2021 (click to expand/collapse)
  • Added "Active" and "Paid" fields to driver deductions and violations. Paid field represents if the debt is paid out so it does not appear in any reports as unpaid. Also added options to activate/deactivate both deductions and violations.
  • Implemented checking for drivers debt upon deactivating him. When user tries to deactivate driver, the system checks for any unpaid debt and if there is any, the user is informed via dialog in which user can choose to stil deactivate driver or cancel (yes/no dialog).
  • Added new column "Divisions" in Insurances table (DataEntry->Companies & Divisions->Insurances).
  • Expanded Google Map route preview with base locations from loads operations.
  • Optimised data loading time for loads (DataEntry->Transportation->Loads). Separate grouped fields are now stored in Loads internal database, instead of gathering on each request.
  • Fixed load operations dates checking functionality. It was implemented to prevent non chronological dates. This fix now checks for operation type, because different types have different date options.
  • Added check on backend for uploaded file extensions, for BOL and RC files, to prevent upload of unintended file types (non-PDF).
  • Fixed internal load operation indexing after any operation is reordered or removed.
  • Implemented functionality of static file versioning, bundling and minification on backend to optimise page load times and be sure that user has latest files loaded without clearing cache.